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Written by Shana Adedsa on 8. Nov, 2018
Hi Janet and Tracey

I bring a sincere regard to you.

Shana Adedsa

Written by Reina on 30. Mar, 2018
This is a great site.

Written by Tracy Halsall on 8. Dec, 2017
Hi Janet and Tracey - I bought rushden desert wind from you in 2010 in probably not so ideal circumstances. Just wanted to let you know he is still with us and our two jack Russell s - he’s having a ball and is in great health - we live on a small holding with sheep and horses - he owns the furniture and my husband !! He is a very much loved member of our family

Written by Vianey Job on 26. Aug, 2017
It is wonderful what you are doing. We will be following you!!!

Written by JOHN--HAWTHORNE on 23. Apr, 2017
great site great dogs plenty of wining genes year after year keepthe good work up janet -tracy ----john HAWTHORNE

Written by Donald Fegan "Sheabhoy" on 22. Aug, 2015
Thank you Janet and Tracey for our new Parson Terrier addition to our "Sheabhoy Kennels" to run along with our Border Terriers she is one Beautiful Girl as was all the Litter hope to see you's soon and once again Thank you for Letting "TJ" join our Kennels

Written by denise wallace on 1. Jul, 2014
Wud luv a whippet puppy again but looking at the pedigree of urs im afraid price wise wud b out of my reach U cum across as very caringpeople who love their animals unlike the socalled puppy farms only there for the money All the best

Written by pat mc quade on 3. Mar, 2014
hi janet and tracey loved your looking to start a wee hobby kennel of whippets.your dogs are stunning.i love your philosophy on whippets and look forward to using that myself.keep up the good work.

Written by Mike on 14. Jan, 2014
Hi Janet and Tracey , absolutely loved your website and all your dogs but especially your whippets , which hopefully if plans work out right , I will also be a proud and loving owner of one in the not too distant future . I especially love the black/ white trim or blue / white trim .
Good luck and all the best .

Written by charlie on 6. Dec, 2012
hi janet and tracy,
great website love the black and black/whites good luck with all your dogs,

Written by Grahame E Jellie on 3. Dec, 2012
love your new pictures of the pups.....


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18.07 | 12:58

Hi there. I am contacting to see if you have a waiting list for any planned litters I could be added to. Thank you

06.04 | 17:04

Can you advise if u you are planning any King Charles litters?

28.03 | 18:13

We have been looking for a Parsons Terrier and have identified yourself as being an extremely reputable breeder.

Can you please let me know if there are any BT's available.

Many Thanks

07803 595908

22.03 | 19:17

Sorry guys, no parson litters planned for at least 18 months

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