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Written by lynda on 28. Jan, 2009
site looks better each time i visit! see you worked out the pedigree issue, now you need to tell me how to do it.......please!

Written by Tony B on 28. Jan, 2009
The site is looking good Janet and Tracey, wishing you a successful 2009.

Tony in Cleveland.

Written by paul on 18. Jan, 2009
hi girls very good site hope use have a successful year ahead paul

Written by joe on 13. Jan, 2009
nice site janice all the best joe

Written by Brenda Green on 7. Jan, 2009
This is Janice's Mum. Think the web site is great and the puppies are looking fabulous. Hope to see you again sometime in the year. Best wishes.

Written by Patrycja Buczynska on 28. Dec, 2008
Hi Janet and Tracy!

Lovely website, beautiful dogs and of course congratulation of yours new litter! I hope puppies will grow healthily and perfectly fine. ( ;
Keep it up!

Written by Janetta Taylor on 18. Dec, 2008
Hi Janet & Tracey

Love you website, keep up the good work.

Janetta x

Written by janet boyce on 17. Dec, 2008
Hi janet tracey Looking really good as is the blk white part pup just dreamy
bye janet Ps guess who in the pic

Written by Scott on 16. Dec, 2008
Hi Janet & Tracey
Louie settled in well. He is totally besotted with Lottie, and will not be separated.

Written by lorraine on 6. Dec, 2008
hi janet, your website looks great. will have to get back to see the pups before they all go. duncan says hi!!

Written by Tracy (aka the boss!!!) on 6. Dec, 2008
Hi Janet
Just a wee message from me while I'm away across the water. Hope you are coping without me?!! Give all the dogs and cats a HUGE hug from me and take extra special care of Renoir & Saskia until I'm home.......Oh and don't forget that Louie & Angel needs lots of spoiling too!!!!
See you all when I get home,


Written by rebecca on 4. Dec, 2008
bewely and rebecca

Written by Janice on 3. Dec, 2008
The website is looking good, very pink!
It was great seeing the puppies on Monday.
Good luck x

Written by Dawn on 27. Nov, 2008
Hi Tracy and Janet,love your new site,nice to see my Beau on there too.The puppies are all looking great.All the best

Written by Pamela on 27. Nov, 2008

Site is looking's very "PINK" though!!! Did'nt think that was your "color" J!! Love the pics of the show team,especially the one of Lola,she looks great in it! Pups are looking pretty super too. Can't wait to see them in the flesh.

Badger & Rush say to keep that young daughter of theirs in check!!!

Best Wishes
Pamela,Ryan & all of Damson's "rellys" at Mossbawnhill xx


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Hey, hope you are well. I was just checking out your page as I am looking for a whippet please get back in touch as I would love to chat thanks

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