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Victoria | Reply 14.08.2020 06.47

Looking for a Whippet puppy (bitch). Do you have a waiting list I could go on?
Many thanks.

Amy pink | Reply 23.07.2020 18.30

Hello. Do you have any puppies for sale. Looking for my son birthday

John s Pickup | Reply 08.07.2020 23.21

Hi I am looking for a PRT puppy to replace our fabulous dog we have just lost to lymphoma at 8 yrs old Have you any litters planned . Thanks John

Chrissie Cunnningham | Reply 18.06.2020 11.32

Hi I am looking for a Parsons Russel pedigree puppy. Can you tell me if you are planning any litters, then I can reserve one. Or can you refer me to anyone?

Charles | Reply 08.06.2020 19.47

we are looking for a Parson Russell bitch puppy. Please could you let me know if you have any litters coming up where we maybe able to go on your list?

Janet | Reply 17.05.2020 09.21

Please email

Derek McLoughlin | Reply 16.05.2020 16.01

Hello, am enquiring if you have any parson russel puppies available over the next few months. Would also be interested in a whippet. Thanks

Andrew Awuye | Reply 08.05.2020 19.37

Sorry whippet puppy's

Andrew Awuye | Reply 08.05.2020 19.35

Good evening, am just enquiring if you have any whippet bitches available

Thank you

Graham | Reply 28.03.2020 16.40

Hi, I was looking for a whippet puppy. I was wondering if you have any litters planned or a waiting list. Thanks.

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05.10 | 14:33

Can you please message through this site or email to the email address below? Thanks

05.10 | 14:07

Hi I’m looking for a whippet 2-4 years old. I’ve lots of large open spaces close and have a fenced garden I hope to hear from you.

02.10 | 11:21

Hi Janet and Treacy
Have been strongly advised to contact yourselves in reference to acquiring a parson Russel terrier bitch pup.Ihope you can assist.thanks

28.09 | 09:20

Hello, we are looking for a Parson Russell Terrier puppy. We had a family Mini-Schnauzer up until November last year. We are looking to replace her. Thanks.

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