Rainbow Bridge

In loving memory of the animals that have shared and enriched our lives

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It's called the Rainbow Bridge
because of it's many colours.
Just this side of Rainbow Bridge, there ia a land of meadows, hills and valleys
with lush green grass.
When beloved pets die, they go to this place.
There is always food and water and
warm spring weather,
the old and frail are young again,
those who are maimed are made whole.
They play all day long long,
with only one thing missing...
they are not with the special person
who loved them on Earth.
So each day they run and play until the day comes, when one
suddenly stops playing and looks up...
the nose twitches, the ears are up, the eyes are staring,
and this one runs from the group.
You have been seen.
When you and your special friend meet,
you take him or her in your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again, and you look once more into the eyes
of your trusting and beloved friend.
Then together you cross the Rainbow Bridge,
never again to be separated.

Gone but never forgotten ..................

Alfred (16/01/98 - 30/08/13)

Alfred was our rough coated bedlington whippet lurcher who was named after Claude Greengrasses lurcher in 'Heartbeat'. He was a great hunter when out over the fields and also enjoyed showing and racing at working shows during the summer months, bringing home numerous trophies and rosettes. Jumping wasn't his forte and show organisers use to dread seeing Alfred coming when there was coursing with hurdles, as more often than not he use to plough into the fences knocking them down, lol!! In the summer of 2013 Alfred began bumping into things and it was discovered that he had Catarachs on both eyes, his sight began to get progressively worse and it became obvious that our once so active Alfred was getting frustrated and no longer enjoying life. We had to make the decision to let him go..... RIP Alfred chase the bunnies across the rainbow bridge, reunited with Amy, your Saluki companion for 14 years xx
Alfred at Mourne Terrier & Lurcher Show 2012, where he won the Veteran Lurcher Class aged 14.

Oscar...... a very special cat ( ?-9/11/12) 

Oscar was our handsome tabby tom cat found.  When he was discovered wandering along the roadside as a kitten we decided to adopt him. He was a great 'mouser' and always full of mischief.... never afraid of the dogs, infact he'd curl up on the safa with many of them and even use to suckle one of the whippet bitches. He had to have his tail amputated as a youngster when it became damaged, but he grew into the most handsome cat - so friendly, always purring & looking a fuss....a real character!! Oscar began to dramatically lose weight in the autumn of 2012, and on taking him to the vets he was diagnosed with a large lump on one of his kidneys. We said a sad goodbye to him on 9th November...... RIP special man, chase the mice across the rainbow bridge xx

Oscar peeping through the curtains

Marcus 'Khabaray Paco Rabbane at Dumbriton' (22/11/98-5/11/12)

As an eighteen month old youngster Marcus joined our whippet team early in 2000, bought from Patsy Gilmore of the then 'Dumbriton Kennels' (although he had been bred by Heather Worrall 'Khabaray').
He was shown occasionally and gained his stud book number at Belfast Ch Show in 2000.
 Marcus is the father, grandfather & great grandfather of many rushden whippets, and the sire or Ir. UK, Australian & International Champions. His favourite place in latter years was curled up on the sofa but when he became very unsteady on his legs in early the autumn of 2012 we realised the kindest thing we could do was to let this old gentleman cross the rainbow bridge.... Marcus has left a great legacy through his progeny. ....... RIP Marcus, a true gentleman among whippets x x 

Marcus asleep on the sofa x

Amy 'Indira Al-Kalipha' (19/6/98-1/11/12)

Amy 'Indira Al Kalipha', was our first ever saluki She had considerable success in the show ring as a youngster winning numerous Green Stars (CAC's) and Best of Breeds before we decided to retire her as she didn't seem to be enjoying showing any more. In later life she developed a slow growing cancerous tumour and on 1st November 2012 we decided the time had finally come to let her go. We will miss Amy, and so will Alfred our bedlington whippet lurcher whom she shared her life with for over fourteen years... RIP sweet lady

Amy x

Emma 'Ir.Ch Barmaud Sweet Shannon' (18/04/00 - 21/05/11)

Emma was a beautiful lady, who in her prime excelled both in the show ring and on the race field. She was the first whippet Tracy handled to her Ir. Champion title.....which she gained under judges from across the globe. She loved to race and was whippet race champion at several Irish Game Fairs in her youth,  yelping and barking like mad when race officials shook a lure infront of her!  In her latter years Emma was troubled with arthritus and took up residence in the living room .......she could only be shifted when a trip in a caravan was mentioned!!  RIP Emma, ......Run free from pain across the rainbow bridge. xxx

Emma winning Open Bitch at Blackpool Ch. Show 2005 under Goran Bodegarde.

Tess 'Tess Du Manoir De La Grenouillere' 1CC (28/02/02 - 07/02/11)

Tess was our beautiful blue brindle French Import,  from Jackie Bourdin's world famous 'Le Manoir De La Grenouillere' Kennels. She had the sweetest nature and performed very well in the show ring. One of our proudest moments will always be Tess winning CC & BOB at Belfast Championship Show in 2005 under Breed Specialist Caroline Osbourne (Derohan). With great sadness we had to make the difficult decision to have Tess put to sleep on 7th Feb. 2011. She had been suffering with Lymphoma and the time had come to let her go.  RIP sweet Tess, our 'little Froglet' xxx

Isaac 'Ir Ch. Rushden Moody Blue'  (17/07/02 - 28/09/08)

We very sadly lost Isaac in September 2008, he was taken from us far too early.....he was only 6 years old. Isaac was a very special whippet, so loving and affectionate .....a real 'gentleman'. RIP our beautiful blue brindle boy....
Isaac at Killarney Lakes

Lady 'Cloughrim Babe' (27/01/99 - 20/06/08)
Lady left us in the summer of 2008. She was a happy little dog who had been part of our cavalier family for several years. Her snores are still missed! RIP little girl ....
Lady in her favourite place, relaxing on the sofa x

Ellie 'Rushden Crazy For You' (10/06/94 -Jan 2008)

Ellie was a real lady. As a youngster she prefered the sofa to the show ring, but in her twilight years she decided that maybe showing was her thing afterall and went on to win many Best Veteran In Breed awards. She excelled in the field aswell and remained very fit and active until the last few weeks of her life when cancer of the liver was diagnosed. We made the very difficult decision to let her go in January 2008. RIP Ellie, chase the bunnies across the rainbow bridge .......

Ellie in the snow

Conor 'Ir Ch. Rushden Red Hot' (30/11/96-18/12/07)

Conor was our first Irish Champion Whippet. He was a 'real handful' to show but with his excellent movement and Janet's expert handling and sheer perseverance he gained his Irish title in 2000.  He grew up and shared his life with 'Rushden Spring Classic', Shaun  (see below). Our 'two best boys' both became very unsteady on their legs and in December 2007 we decided the time had come to let them go - together, as they had been through out their lives. RIP 'Our two best boys....
Conor posing in the sun

Shaun 'Rushden Spring Classic' (02/05/96 - 18/12/07)

Shaun was Tracy's first whippet, bought for her as a birthday present by Janet. ( ''The bestest birthday present ever....'' quote Tracy) Shaun was a whippet in a million, a real character, a true friend.  He became unsteady on his legs in 2007 and managed to cope amazily well with this 'infliction' which became known in the house as  'the colly wobbles', for several months. His lifelong friend Conor was struck down by the same 'infliction' late in 2007, and in December we made the agonising decision to let them both go 'together in death as they were in life'. RIP 'Our two best boys....'
Shaun at Omagh Show

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