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Rushden Ooh La La Jun Ch. CJW'08, CW'09, CW'11 'Lola' (1CC)

1st Veteran Bitch (21) - Bitte Ahrens Primavera (Sobers Whippets, Italy), Crufts 2015.

'Classic brindle bitch of lovely type. So well kept & presented in beautiful condition. No exaggeration. Elegant & well balanced with easy effortless movement. Sound coming & going. Honoured to be able to see her in my ring one more time'


1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC  - Bitte Ahrens Primavera (Sobers Whippets, Italy), Birmingham National 2011.

'Darker fawn brindle/white bitch of wonderful type and size. The most perfect balance between elegance and strength both standing and moving. Nothing exaggerated . Beautiful smooth curves from the head , neck, top line down to the rear angles. Perfect angulations in front and rear. Nice bone structure and correct feet. So full of superb qualities & very feminine. All this topped by her sound , low reaching and effective side gait, made her win the CC this day! Just a beauty in motion! Thanks for showing her.'

3rd Open Bitch - Magnus Hagstedt (Signum Whippets, Sweden), Crufts 2011.

'Really strong class with several exceptional bitches, a treat to watch and a joy to judge! 3rd - Rushden Ooh La La, brindle, feminine with a generous outline, make and shape. Sweeping lines all through and a nice mover. This lovely trio made a strong impression.'

2nd Limit Bitch - Bill Browne Cole (Travella), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2009.

' Pleasing head and eye, neat well placed ears, excellent hindquarters, moved with drive.'

2nd Yearling Bitch - Albert Ritchie (Gwendariff), Hound Association of Scotland 2009

'Similar brindle to 1. who, on another day, would have won this class, it really was touch and go. Her qualities also stood out, great head, neck and well placed shoulders, lovely topline and deep set undercarriage, good rear quarters, moved to perfection. Well handled.'
Lola winning Green Star Bitch (CAC) at Bangor Ch. Show 2010

Rushden Black Caviar Jun Ch, CJW'13 'Ash'

1st Limit Dog/ Bitch - Pamela Hunter (Mossbawnhill), Omagh Open Show 2013.

' Duke & Gill's Rushden Black Caviar Jun Ch. 19mth Black Bitch. Up to size but still a lovely whippety bitch. Shown in super rock hard condition. Today she was giving her handler a very difficult time! Lovely head,eye & ear and the best of pigment as you would expect with this color. Excellent neck into a lovely smooth,well placed shoulder. Good bone & excellent tight feet, lovely underline & when she settles she has a good topline too. Super moving bitch, excelling in profile.'


2nd Junior Bitch - Colin Ashmore, Belfast Ch. Show 2012.

'Nice type of bitch of good quality, pleasing shape & outline, good top line & underline with correct rise over loin, feminine head & long neck, deep chest with well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters with good width, well turned stifles, moved true with good rear drive.'

1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch - Marion Finney (Gulliagh), Three Counties Ch. Show 2012.

'A very strongly made interesting 10 months old black bitch.. Everything seems to fit in proportion and balance.  Good bone and feet, excellent head carriage, good topline, sweeping strong muscular hindquarters, well let down hocks, very athletically made and can cover the ground with so much ease. Best Puppy Bitch.'

Ash aged 6 months

Rushden New Approach 'Dante' (1 RCC)

1st Open Dog/ Bitch - Pamela Hunter (Mossbawnhill), Omagh Open Show 2013.

'Duke & Gill's Rushden New Approach. This 4yr old black with white trim dog is one that I like lot but sadly he was not co-operating with his handler today. Correct size with good head, eye, ear & excellent pigment. Super length of neck into a very well laid shoulder,stands on good bone & feet. When he relaxes he has a super topline which matches his underline and when he settled into his stride his movement is super from all angles.'

1st Open Dog - Nicky Warner (Savuka), N.I. Whippet Club Ch. Show 2011

'lovely b/w, beautiful head & expression. Good length of his neck going into a good shoulder. Well angled front assembly. Good bone & feet. Made a nice pattern with a balanced top & underline finished off with a good back end with correct width through the thigh, lovely coat & skin, moved well.'

2nd Open D/B - Fiona Robertson (Sheol), Ballymena Open Show 2011

' black and white dog, up to size, good bone & feet, nice eye, nice long reach on the move.'

2nd Post Graduate Dog - Helen Patterson, Belfast Ch. Show 2010

'black with ample bone, nice head, long neck, well angulated quarters, depth of chest rising to strong loin.'

2nd Post Graduate Dog - Bob Belshaw (Permadon), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2010

'black/white dog initially appeared a little nervous but gradually warmed to the task, conformed quite well to the standard with good topline, deep chest, nice close front and rear angulation. However I would have preferred a little more length of loin, movement slightly nervous initially but settled throughout the class.'

1st Yearling Dog - Jessie McLeod (Peperone), Whippet Club Of Scotland Ch. Show 2010

'Lovely quality black/white trim in beautiful coat, loved his head and expression, long neck into clean shoulders, shows strength and elegance, has a good top and underline, well constructed quarters, sound mover but let himself down in the challenge by heading into his handler.'

1st Yearling Dog, Reserve CC. - Jennifer North-Row (Barmaud), W.E.L.K.S. 2010

'Quality and shapely black, white trim, good topline, clean shoulders, deep brisket, good sweep of stifle, free sound mover, covers the ground well, RCC.'

1st Puppy Dog - Timothy Finney (Gulliagh)
, Driffield 2009

' Black and white, lovely type, good shape with depth of body carried back, nice head and ears ,balanced reach of neck into good shoulder. Like a bit more return of elbow and bend of pastern. Good tailset, balanced hindquarters, sleek fine coat, moved freely with reach keeping shape.'
Dante demonstrating his perfect side gait.

Fallswater Free Spirit At Rushden 'Finlay'

1st Puppy D/B, Hound Puppy Group 1. - Fiona Robertson (Sheol), Ballymena Open Show 2011

' 9 month old fawn brindle male, nice head & eye, moved soundly. I was pleased to see he won the puppy hound group on the day.'
Finlay in the ring for BPIS at Ballymena Show.

Rushden Impressionist 'Renoir'

2nd Limit Dog - Albert Ritchie (Gwendariff), Hound Association of Scotland  2009

'Another quality dog which stood out in this class. Beautiful head and neck into well placed shoulders, good spring of rib,lovely topline, good angulation in hindquarters, beautifully presented, a great moving dog also expertly handled and perhaps unlucky to meet  1 on the day.'

2nd Post Graduate Dog - Gwen Hempstock (Broughland), N.I.W.C. Champ. Show 2008

'Brindle white trim. Nice quality skin and coat,good head and neck,nice front,backline and sweep to quarters. Moves out well.'

Renoir on the move at Crufts 2008. Photo by Pauline Oliver.

Mossbawnhill Smooth As Silk For Rushden CJW'09, Euro JW'09, 'Damson'

2nd Minor Puppy Bitch - Jean Shaw (Lowglen), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2008

' Dark brindle white trim. A nice puppy with a pretty head, clean outline and nice tuck up.'

Damson as a pup

Tess Du Manoir De La Grenouillere - Imp. France 'Tess' (1 CC)

1st Open Bitch, BCC, BOB - Caroline Osbourne (Derohan), Belfast Ch. Show 2005.

'Quality dark blue brindle who epitomizes my interpretation of the standard, not a flashy bitch but so elegant and graceful , in good muscular condition,  flows from her feminine head all through her balanced outline, has the best of shoulder with good length & return of upper arm, well sprung pasterns, correct feet. plenty of heartroom & correct coupling, powerful well angulated hind quarters that complement her front and allow her to move so freely and soundly, her hind paw falling easily into her front pawstep, very well and sympathetically handled to get the best out of her. CC & BOB. (Shortlisted in Group)

1st Open Bitch - Margaret Martin (Barnesmore), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2006.

'This lovely bitch oozes breed type and quality. She has correct length of  body, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs and stands on correct feet and pasterns, she has an excellent reach of neck and correct shoulder and upper arm placement. She moves and shows well.

2nd Limit Bitch - Paul McFarlane (Cornstalk), N.I.W.C. Open Show 2005.

'not a glamour girl but of nice quality and of lovely type, nice fore angles and good middle piece  proportions with a good depth,hind angulations generous, she moved soundly away and back and she was fluent and ground covering with excellent profile movement.'

1st Post Graduate Bitch - Danny Gilmour (Dumbriton), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2004.

'Brindle in top condition, she won this class on her soundness. Good head, neck and shoulders, very good depth and spring of rib,  just enough length of loin, excellent hindquarters which she knows how to use.'
Tess being handled by Janet at a Championship show in Ireland

Rushden Hot Gossip 'Tia'

1st Yearling Bitch - Molly Head (Demerlay), North Eastern Whippet Society Ch. Show

'Curvy brindle particolour with lovely forehand and nice sweep of hindquarters. Ideal size, accurate coming and going. Good depth and overall balance.'

1st Minor Puppy Bitch - Terry Nethercott, Midland Counties Ch. Show 2004.

'Cracking brindle and white bitch with head finishing well. Good clean neck and shoulders. Strong hindquarters. Excellent movement.'

Tia after winning Special Yearling at NEWS Ch Show 2005, Judge Molly Head

Ir. Ch. Rushden Moody Blue 'Isaac'

1st Open Dog - Caroline Osbourne (Derohan), Belfast Ch. Show 2005.

'Dark blue brndle scopey dog who stands over lots of ground, liked the way he was put together, shown in fit condition, moved true and flowed in profile' 

2nd Open Dog - Margaret Martin (Barnesmore), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2006.

'Another very nice dog of correct type but not so settled as winner today. He is all quality with good flowing lines, good neck, correct length of body, good quarters'.

2nd Post Graduate Dog - Danny Gilmour (Dumbriton), N.I.W.C. Ch. Show 2004.

'Nice type of whippet, was nice quality and quite sound, the condition of him was a credit to his owner, lovely coat and skin and the right body condition, he gleamed with health.'

Isaac ' Ir Ch. Rushden Moody Blue'

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